My 80th Birthday Party 2011

My student Nery's mother, Adriana, who is one the featured cooks in my cooking section, said she wanted to make a special lunch for my birthday and asked what I would like.  I gave her a list of my four favorite things she has made for my website.  Then I added a joke "or all of the above."  To my surprise and delight, she said she would make them all.  Follow the links to the original cooking stories.

We invited my other two students, Alex and Misa along with Nery's girlfriend Liz.  Nery's sister and niece also joined us for the feast.

We ate on their covered patio.  There was a little breeze aided by a couple of fans to make a delightful summer afternoon despite the mid 90s.

Adriana served the food one dish at a time in the order shown here.

Nery's parents Juan and Adriana

Lunch on the covered patio

Cabrito en su Sangre
Cabrito in its blood, offal and veggies

Cabrito Michote
A whole thigh for me.

Pescado zarandeado
Fish and shrimp in a cheese sauce

Pork Ribs
Roasted in an orange apricot sauce

Juan took this picture of the gang.

Liz made the cake.

A little aside:  Nery and Liz are classmates in college where they lead their class in grade point averages.  While waiting for the meal to begin, I did a little doodling with their final grades for the quarter that just ended.  Nery had an average of 99.  As always, Liz beat him with a 99.6.

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