Introducing Sra. Adriana Rosales

A little background:  One day in November 2006, as I was walking out of our neighborhood mini-mart, a young man road up on his bicycle and said to me, in pretty good English, "I want to be your friend to practice my English."  I had given some thought to hosting a conversation group for people learning English, so I readily agreed. 

Nery has come to my house two or three times a week for more than a year.  We talk about many things, but often our chats come 'round to our favorite subject -- food.  He has told me about the things his mother prepares, and sometimes he brings me treats from her kitchen.

I told him when winter comes, and it's not so hot, I want to do some cooking stories with his mother.  I gave him some print-outs of Doņa Martha's stories to show to his mother.  She agreed, so here we are in her kitchen.  I'm sure you will enjoy these visits with her.  Her cuisine is quite different from Doņa Martha and her family.

Besides being an inventive cook, Sra. Adriana Rosales is quite active in local politics and was able to knock down some problems I had getting my driver's license renewed (but that's another story for another time). 

When the city of Lerdo grew out to her old family farm, she divided the land into residential plots and has created a business selling these plots and developing the land.  She inherited the land from her grandfather who was a solider in the army of General Villa during the revolution.  He was one of the first to receive a land grant from the land reformation following the revolution.


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