Turkey -- Pavo

This turkey is being prepared for the family's Christmas Eve dinner.  Adriana has recruited her daughter, Wendy, to help.

Wendy, with her son Eddy watching, begins preparing the turkey by injecting it with both while and red wine.

The outside of the turkey was seasoned with Tone's Canadian steak seasoning.

The turkey was loosely covered with foil and placed in a 350 oven.  The foil was removed for the last 15 or 20 minutes to brown the skin.

I had never seen wine used this way, but the result was one of the best, perhaps the best, turkey I have ever eaten.  The dark meat was soft and falling off the bone while  the white meat remained tender and moist.

If I ever cook turkey again, it will be this way.

In my 20 years in Los Angles, almost every Thanksgiving I hosted a dinner party featuring turkey.  Over the years I tried cooking the turkey is just about every way possible:  plain roasted with and without stuffing inside; boneless; deep fried; BBQed quarters (not too wonderful) and my two favorites: with a dried fruits and nuts mixture stuffed under the skin; and smoked using fresh apricot wood from my orchard.

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