Two Shrimp Dishes

Camarónes del Diablo  y  Camarónes Mojo de Ajo
Deviled Shrimp  and  Garlic Shrimp

The ingredients for the Diablo from the lower left:

stick of butter

1 onion chopped

24 small scallion tips

1 can of whole tomatoes

1 T thyme

1 marjoram leaf

2 or 3 garlic cloves, minced


red chili power to taste

tomato paste

1 C sweet while wine

½ C olive oil (EVOO)

2 k large shrimp (for both dishes)

1 C tomato purée


not shown:

Tone's seafood seasoning

black pepper


1 C water



Shelling and de-veining 2 kilos of shrimp took a good while.

2 kilos = 4½ pounds -- a lot of shrimp!


The cooking oil was butter for flavor and EVOO to keep the butter from scorching.


The shrimp were dusted with black pepper and Tone's seafood seasoning before being sautéed gently until they began to turn pink.


Then they were set aside while the sauce was made.

The onions and garlic go into the oil the shrimp were cooked in.

After the onions had cooked a bit,  the tomato paste was added.

Then a can of whole tomatoes

A cup of tomato purée

A cup of sweet white wine

Thyme and marjoram

A cup of water

A wee bit of chili power

As the sauce simmers, Adriana breaks up the whole tomatoes while she stirs the sauce,

Before being added to the sauce, the shrimp are well dusted with paprika


The deviled shrimp simmer ever so gently for a few minutes.


With a sprinkle of parsley, they are ready to enjoy.



Adriana begins the next dish, Garlic Shrimp.

A cup of olive oil, half a stick of butter, and  several chopped garlic cloves are set to a low simmer until the garlic flavor is well infused into the oil.


Then she adds a cup of fresh squeezed lime juice.

The limes were picked from the tree in her yard this morning.

She makes a simple beer batter with one egg, half a bottle of beer and white flour.

She dips the shrimp in the batter and then gently lowers them into a fresh pan of hot butter and olive oil.



Adriana strained the sauce to remove the garlic bits before spooning it over the lightly browned shrimp.


Soooo good.

Adriana gave me some of each dish to take home.  The deviled shrimp reheated very well, but not the garlic shrimp.  I like the batter on the garlic shrimp because it holds a lot of sauce, however the crust does not keep and reheat well -- it gets soggy.  This dish needs to go directly from the stove to the table.  If you need to make garlic shrimp ahead of time, I wouldn't use the batter, just cook the shrimp plain.  And invite me over.

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