Mancha Mantel
Pork, Chicken and Fruit in a special Chile Colorado Salsa

Mancha = stain.  Mantel = tablecloth.  The name comes from the stain a drop of the salsa will leave on the table cloth (or my shirt).  This is one of the basic salsas of the state of Oaxaca.  It is also called manchamanteles.

The ingredients for the meat are cubed pork loin, chicken legs and thighs with skin, diced pineapple and apples, seasoned  with Tone's steak seasoning.

The salsa includes ancho and pasilla chiles, half an onion, 2 tomatoes toasted and skinned, a cup of toasted sesame seeds, 2 garlic cloves, half a stick of cinnamon, and a dozen almonds.

Nery helps his mother by pealing the apples which she dices.

Usually Adriana would also have added a diced plátano macho, but she couldn't find any in the markets.

The apples and pineapple will be added to the meat when the pork is done.



The chicken has browned and has been set aside while the pork continues to cook.

Adriana begins the salsa by toasting two tomatoes to remove the skin.  She also toasts the sesame seeds in tinny bit of the rendered chicken fat. Then she toasts the chiles in the chicken fat until they are soft.

All the salsa ingredients are in the blender as she peals the last tomato.  She'll add water and blend until smooth.


The pork is done, so it is added to the pan with the chicken.  Then the fruit and salsa are stirred in and covered to simmer slowly for about 40 minutes, until the chicken is falling off the bones.

It's my new favorite pork and chicken  dish.  Excellent!

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