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a novel twist on an old favorite


Everybody knows how to make Jell-o, but Adriana has a tasty and attractive twist on that old favorite.

She begins by making 5 different kinds of Jell-o, each poured into a separate tray and chilled in the fridge until well set.

While the Jell-o is in the fridge, she prepares a special 'binder' that will hold together the final product.

First she dissolves a packet of unflavored gelatin in just a half cup of tap water.  When it is set, she stirs in a can of evaporated milk and a can of condensed milk.

When the trays of Jell-o are set, she cuts the Jell-o into one inch cubes, and tumbles the cubes into two bowls -- one for her family and one for me to take home.

With all the Jell-o in the bowls, she pours in the milk-gelatin mixture and stirs well.

The final mixture is chilled in the fridge until the milk has set and bound the assorted cubes.

It is soooo good, so many colors and so many flavors. I'm eating some while I type this.

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