Agua de Horchata
Cinnamon Rice Milk

Horchata means almond syrup.  It is a very old drink that was once made with various nuts or seeds.  Over the years it has evolved into a rice-based drink.  Sometimes almond extract is added.  It is a simple, refreshing "milk" looking drink that is usually made without milk.

Two cups of uncooked rice have been soaking in water over night.

The other ingredients are cinnamon sticks, water and sugar to taste.  A dash of vanilla is optional as is a bit of almond extract.

The soaking water is discarded, then the rice and cinnamon are blended with new water until the rice is well pulverized.

The mixture is strained into a pitcher of cold water, then the desired amount of sugar is added along with any optional items.

More water may be added as needed to make a thin drink.

Place in the fridge until well chilled or serve over ice.


A sure way to make a mess is to use cooked rice -- a starchy, gooey mess.

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