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Machaca Con Huevos

Huevos Rancharos

Huevos Rellanos

Huevos a la Mexicana

Huevos Ahogados

Machaca Con Huevos is shredded beef with eggs.

Adriana will make this dish two ways -- with boiled fresh beef brisket and with packaged dried beef.

The ingredients are eggs. chopped onions, cilantro, fresh beef, tomato, and serrano chiles.  Also shown are a bowl of the broth from cooking the beef and a bowl of dried beef. 


After the brisket has been boiled with a bit of onion, garlic and salt, it is shredded and diced. A much larges amount was cooked last night in preparation for today's photo shoot.






The onions are sautéed until soft before the beef is added along with a few slices of serrano chile.

Salt to taste.



The first of three eggs are dropped in and then stirred into the meat to cook briefly.

The dried beef is prepared the same way.

I thought the fresh beef (shown on the right side of the picture on the right) was a little more tender than the dried.  Chopped cilantro was added at the table.

Huevos Rancharos is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in the country. 

It's a simple, but tasty, dish of a fried egg on a fresh tortilla topped with a tomato-chile sauce.

The serrano and chilaca chiles and the tomato are toasted until the skin is charred and easily removed. (An example is here)

The chiles, tomato, a piece  of onion, black pepper and salt are ground into a paste in a molcajete.  Then the paste is added to a bit of hot olive oil and simmered briefly.

The egg is fried, then place on a fresh tortilla and topped with the salsa and a sprinkle of cilantro.

On my plate I added a spoon of each of the machacas which do a tasty job of sopping up the runny yolk.

Huevos Rellanos are similar to deviled eggs without the mustard.

Adriana makes these with a can of tuna and a large glob of mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime.


I don't much care for canned tuna, but these were good.

Huevos a la Mexicana

Just a tortilla topped with ham, cheese, a fried egg and a little salsa and cilantro.

The salsa is sautéed onion, tomato, a few slices of serrano chile, not that whole bowl.

I added a couple of huevos rellanos to my plate.

The ham was heated briefly on a comal and then topped with cheese

Huevos Ahogados are eggs poached  in a salsa made with onion, garlic, serrano chile, cilantro, salt and a cup of water blended until smooth.

Note the brown cube in the picture.  In other pictures on this page, it is shown still in it's foil wrapper. It is a cube of Caldo de Pollo.  A bouillon cube would be the USA equilavant, or just use salt.

The salsa is added to a bit of hot olive oil and brought to a simmer.

Adriana drops four eggs into the simmering salsa.

I added some machaca to soak up the last of the salsa at the end.

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