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Today Adriana and Nery are making three kinds of butter cookies -- pecan, chocolate chip and plain with a cherry on top.

Adriana begins by scooping out 1.2 kilos (2-1/2 lbs) of butter to which she adds 8 eggs and a cup of sugar.  This will make about 200 cookies.

Nery mixes the butter mixture until it is creamy and light.

Adriana stirs in 1.8 kilos (4 lbs) of all purpose flour and two spoons of baking power.  She stirs slowly with a spoon until the flour is covered by the butter mixture, then she finishes the mixing by hand making sure there are no lumps.

She divides the finished dough into three parts -- one to be mixed with 2 cups of broken pecans, one for chocolate chips, and one plain with a cherry on top.

Adriana butters and flours a large sheet pan that she has covered with foil.

Mother and son begin rolling the pecan batter into little balls and laying them on the sheet pan.

Little balls of plain dough get a cherry on top.

Some plain dough is rolled out and cut into Christmas trees and Santas.

In go the chocolate chips.

The second of three trays comes hot out of the oven.

15 minutes at 350°

The pecan cookies are covered by plain sugar while the chocolate chips get a coating of powdered sugar.

The cherry and cutout cookies get tossed in cinnamon sugar.

And I ate a whole lot too many.

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