Today Adriana will be making a popular dessert pastry.  Churros come in various sizes and with various twists and groves.  The larger, fancy ones are machine made in bakeries.  Adriana shows how to make a simple version at home.

The ingredients are sugar and cinnamon for the final dusting.

The batter is made with:
2 cups flour
1 cup water
1 T butter
a packet of yeast
a dash of salt
and an egg

The water, yeast, butter and salt are warmed before the flour is added and stirred to a stiff batter.




Nery pours a beaten egg into the batter as his mother folds it in.





The batter rests for a half hour before being loaded into the extruder.



Nery begins extruding the churros while Adriana begins frying them in vegetable oil.






The drained churros are dusted with sugar and cinnamon while they are still warm.


These are about half of the ones Adriana gave me to take home.

They were very good, so I ate too many.

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