Chamorro Adobado

Marinated Pork Shank

This is a simple recipe -- pork shanks marinated in s chile salsa, then wrapped in aluminum foil and steamed.

The salsa consists of onions, garlic, orange juice, 2 ancho and 6 guajillo chiles, and Tone's steak seasoning.  These are both mild chiles; hotter ones could be added as desired.

The chiles are heated briefly before adding to the blender along with the other ingredients.

The shanks are coated on all sides with the salsa before being tightly wrapped in aluminum foil.

Because the cooking takes a while, Adriana steamed several shanks before I came to take pictures. They are shown in the large streamer pot below.

The two shanks she prepared for the pictures are placed in a pressure cooker for faster cooking.


The pressure cooker takes 2 and a half hours.

In the steamer pot, the cooking time is about 4 hours.

The results are the same -- really good!

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