Cabrito  Young Goat (Kid)
Part 1 -- Killing and Cleaning

The story begins as Adriana, Nery and I take another trip into the desert to a goat farm that is part of Ejido Lerdo.  Adriana is la presidente of the ejido, and these men are her friends and members of the ejido.  We have come for two cabritos which will be slaughtered and cleaned on the spot.  They cost $250 pesos each, or about $20 dollars each.


The slaughter begins with cutting the goat's throat.  The animal is bled out into a bucket, so the blood can be saved to use later in cooking.

The farmer hangs the headless carcass so Adriana can begin the skinning and gutting.

A group of neighbors gathered to watch Adriana work on the goat.  They seem impressed with her skills.  And why  not? She was a farmer long before she moved to town and got into politics.

After she cleaned the first one, she gave the knife back to the farmer and his son to clean the second one.  The son was learning how.  He was not as fast.

After the goats were cleaned, she and Nery spent some time socializing and politicking with the farmers before we headed back to town.  The cooking will begin tomorrow morning.

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Part 2 -- Cooking

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