Leaving Without Canceling Your Vehicle Permit

If you are planning to return to México, it is tempting to skip the time consuming process of turning in your permit and getting a new one with a new bond when you return.  But if something goes wrong while you are out of the country, you will have a big problem with that open permit.

Replaced Windshield

Cannot Return with the Car

Replaced Windshield

If your windshield is damaged and must be replaced while you are out of the country, here's what you need to do.

Before you remove the broken windshield, take lots of pictures of the car,
windshield and the sticker in place on the windshield.

When the glass has been removed, have the repairman carefully cut a square of the windshield containing the sticker.  The block should be larger than the sticker.  Be careful not to damage it.

When you return to México, stop at the permit place and turn it your permit and give them the glass.   Be prepared to show the pictures if they ask.  Then you'll get a new permit and pay a bond

Cannot Return with the Car

If you find that you cannot return with the car, there is a way to get it off the computer.  It is neither simple nor fast, but it is possible.  Aduana says it will take about three months. Don't hold your breath.  There have been reports of a year-long wait.  If you need more information, call 1 877 448 8728 from the USA or Canada.  They only speak Spanish.

You will need to write a notarized letter in Spanish explaining why you cannot return with the vehicle.  Be sure to include your contact information -- mail address, phone and e-mail. 

The submittal should include a copy of the ownership document you used to get the permit (title, registration card, etc) and the following supporting evidence:

If it was wrecked:

Police and insurance company official reports

Photographs showing the damage. Include a picture of the windshield sticker still in place as well as a picture showing the VIN.

Remove the sticker and include it along with the permit paper.

If it was stolen:

Police and insurance company official reports

The original permit paper

If it was sold (or lost it in a divorce):

Proof of the sale  and any other evidence that the transaction took place outside México. (documents must be notarized)

Remove the sticker and include it along with the permit paper.

Be sure to keep copies of everything you send to Aduana.

Send the package of information to:

Administración General de Aduanas
Administración Central de Operación Aduanera
Administración de Operación Aduanera “3”
Av. Hidalgo No. 77, Módulo IV, 1° piso, Del. Cuauhtémoc
Col. Guerrero, C.P. 06300, México D.F.

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