If Your Foreign Vehicle is Stolen

If your vehicle is stolen, you should file a police report and notify your insurance agent if you have theft insurance. 

If the vehicle is recovered, your problem is over. 

If it is not recovered, you must notify Aduana and begin the process of canceling the temporary import permit.  Aduana will impost a tax based upon the Blue Book value of the car.  Generally, the tax equals what you would have paid to have the vehicle nationalized. Most insurance companies will not settle your claim until Aduana has canceled the permit.  This  means that you must pay Aduana before you get your insurance money. 

If you do not have theft insurance, you will still owe the tax if you want to cancel the permit in order to bring another car into the country.  But you may be able to avoid paying the tax by buying a Mexican vehicle rather than bringing in one.

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