Manzanillo - a non-tourist view

On my many visits to Manzanillo, I have always stayed with my Mexican friends.  I have never stayed in a hotel or done the "tourist" things, so on this page you will see views of Manzanillo rarely, if ever, seen by tourists along with some happy party pictures of me and my Mexican friends.

Mona's house, a party house by the beach,  were I am the honored guest for my vacations in Manzanillo.

Gilberto prepares food for the night's party by the pool.  The pool-side grill will be busy all evening.

The beach is only a block away, but the undertow is bad, so the back yard pool gets lots of use -- day and night.

No Mexican party is complete without dancing.

Deviled eggs were something new for my friends

Luis mans the poolside bar.

Old Manzanillo, the original, is located on the sides of a pair of mountains and the little flat land between them along the south side of the harbor. The new Manzanillo lies on flat land on the other side of the harbor.  This also the hotel and beach area.  Many of my friends live on the mountain, so lets go visit the mountain.

Looking back,  1/3 of the way up.

The view from the roof.

We're invited to lunch at Gilberto's house -- the one at the very top.  This picture was taken where the street ends.  From here on it's all stairs.  

The top at last, now for food and  something cold to drink!

How would you like to carry groceries up there?

At the door, we are about 14 stories above the street.

Or deliver a refrigerator?

New Year's Eve street party at the end of New Street.  A good time for all the family.

This is the end of New Street where the party was held.  It is the highest street in Manzanillo.

From here on up, it's only stairs and more stairs.    Can you picture yourself carrying building materials -- sand, cement, bricks -- up to the top?  


Some paths lead around the mountain face between the ups and downs Night time on the mountain is spectacular.


1.  Downtown Manzanillo (the old city) where  all of these pictures were taken, except the party pictures which were from the Las Brizas beach area.

2.  Port of Manzanillo

3.  Las Brizas Beach

4.  Las Hadas

5.  Santiago

6.  Miramar Beach

The nighttime picture is from about the 1 looking toward the 3 in this satellite view.

Satellite view of Manzanillo bay (1-4) and Santiago bay (5-6)


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