This is the only Italian restaurant in the area.  The food is good, and they do a brisk business even though the prices are a bit high.  My three students and I had six entrées, soft drinks and deserts.

We asked for two tables -- one for us and one for the food, so we could have our own private buffet.  I guess the waitress had never run into that before because we had a bit of a problem getting through to her what we wanted.

Moving clockwise from the lower right: Pollo Milanesa (chicken brests), Ravioli, Fruta del Mar (pasta with shrimp and clams with a salmon sauce), Lasaña, Gratinato Italianni’s (artichoke hearts, mushrooms and cheese), and Filete Toscano (large medallion of beef with a peppercorn sauce and roasted potatoes).

The bill was $1600 pesos including a generous tip.  That's about $130 dollars at today's exchange rate.

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