These homes are unique in standing alone on a lot. Most homes are contiguous with the neighbor's house.

And many are brightly painted.

These two pictures are of low-cost, government financed, tract homes that are being built all over the country.  A single-story, two bedroom house costs about US$12,000 (including interest) payable over 30 years.

In some areas, the government will furnish the paint if the owner will supply the labor.

This is one of only a few apartment buildings in the area.  There are no large complexes or high rises.

There are many developer-built town houses, each with off-street parking behind iron gates.

I watched the owner and his wife paint this one just a block from Doña Martha's house.

Here are three of the five remaining stately old mansions from the Victorian era.  Lerdo has no colonial architectural.  

Today, some of Lerdo's finest modern homes are hidden behind walls.

Very few small homes have this much landscaping.

Mexico still has lots of poverty, and some homes are rather primitive, like these built on land fill and squeezed between the freeway and the irrigation channel.  But no one sleeps in the parks, unlike many cities in the USA.

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