The Family Valdepeñas - Pictures

This is my family in Mexico.  Most of this website is about my life and adventures with these
wonderful people who have adopted me and welcomed me into their homes and lives.





Sr Jorge
   Sra (Doña) Martha

With spouses and kids, they are 36.  With aunts, uncles and cousins, they are too many to count.

9 of 19 grandkids

Christmas Eve dinner at Grandmother's house 

I'm Santa and the beard is mine.

This is not even half the folks at the party which ran into the early hours accompanied by some serious over eating but not much drinking.                            24 December 2001


Dressing the baby Jesus dolls. Everyone had a happy time.
The girls love to dress up for parties, but the boys couldn't care less.

One of my retirement hobbies is turning unposed snapshots into something special.  On the right is the original shot; on the left is the result of a little digital magic on Doña Martha's picture.



Below are more Christmas party shots that came out kind of nice.

Coming home from church.

His father had just given Paco that giant sparkler, and he was headed out the door.

Rosa paused at the kitchen door to check on the rapidly disappearing Christmas tamales.  We ate a lot.

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