Alhambra Lebanese Restauran

On weekends they have an all-you-can-eat buffet. I went here a few months ago with my students, but I forgot to take my camera that day.  Today was more fun because it was a birthday lunch.

Nery and I took his girlfriend Lizbeth to this Lebanese restaurant for her birthday.


Except for the salad section, I have no idea what most of it is, but most of the offerings I liked very much.

As you move down the line, this gentleman will load your plate with whatever you want.  Here he is serving up a stuffed squash.

He really loaded my plate with more than I asked for.  But I ate it all.  There is another layer under what you see on my plate.  The green tubes at the top are spicy meat steamed in grape leaves.  The grey ones in the lower right are another kind of meat steamed in lettuce leaves. .

How they made the stuffed squash intrigues me. Going in from the stem end, the chef hollowed out the squash without splitting it and then filled it with meat and rice as you see in this close-up picture of a slice.  It was really good.

The dessert tray had two kinds of cookies, rice pudding, and two kinds of brownies.  All very tasty.

Total with tip was $640 pesos (about US$55) for the three of us.

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