Building the House - The Shell
Part 2  - Walls and Columns

Rather than rent scaffolding as we did for the property walls, we decided to build our own.  After all, welding is the Valdepeņas family business.  In the family shop, Enrique built while I sat in a rocking chair and took pictures.

We also used a less elegant, more common  scaffolding.

As the walls reach the header beam height (6'-6" - 2M), the columns are poured in preparation for pouring the concrete header beams which will cap the windows and doors.  

Wooden forms are held in place by wire ties that run through the brick work and encircle the columns.  The boards have been well oiled to prevent the concrete from adhering. 

There will be an addition 16" (40cm) of bricks above the 8" (20cm) header beams before the second floor slab.  The total floor-to-ceiling height will be 8'-6" (260cm).

This type of brick construction -- called post and beam -- is quite different from typical brick construction in the USA and Canada.  It provides a strong, stable structure that does not rely on the bricks for structural support.  This gives good earthquake stability.

Cost to date of the North House
Foundation and  Shell (US$)


$  4,270



HOUSE total on 4/20



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$ 36,896

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